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2009 - na Hase

29.01.2010 - added lot of photos in Lucka/Hockey

26.10.2008 -

04.10.2008 - Added photos of Lucka´s two seasons in the Czech women´s hockey league.

25.08.2008 -

19.06.2008 - Almost one year later we've added vacation story to the photos from slovak region Gemer

13.04.2008 - Our photos in page header are current, added photos from the end of hockey season in Lucka/Ice hockey. Fonts in all texts unified

02.02.2008 - Lucka has added photos in Ice Hockey, Slovakia, Others and Macro

10.11.2007 - Added photos from summer holidays in Slovakia - Gemer and some photos in Lucka/Ice hockey, Lucka/Pets and in Miloš/Hobbies

29.07.2006 - Some photos from family holidays in Vodice, Croatia

17.05.2006 - Kalymnos available in Romanian language

01.02.2006 - Some new photos in Lucka-Friends and Lucka-Others

31.01.2006 -

03.01.2006 - Added few winter macrophotos.

27.10.2005 - Finally I had time to translate some journeys into Romanian. Spain '97, Corfu '98 and Halkidiki '99 are translated.

01.10.2005 - Added long story about our journey around Greece.

29.08.2005 - Added lots of macrophotos - flowers and details of sculptures from Greece

26.08.2005 - Added pictures and story from the Summer Course Of Modern Greek from Thessaloniki.

26.06.2005 - Added some macrophotos and last three from Craiova. Finally :-)

15.05.2005 - Added some macrophotos from the Botanical Gardens of Bratislava

05.03.2005 - We both added few pictures, just enjoy...

23.02.2005 - Added some macrophotographs in Lucka/Macro

27.08.2004 - New photos and description of summer studies from Craiova in Romania. We don´t have some last photos, because they are still in the camera :-)

27.07.2004 - Some new photos in Lucka,Slovakia from the area Gemer

02.06.2004 - I deleted last news. From November we added photos of our pets, photos of Tatra Mountains made by my father, photos of motorbike and new design of titles of our trips.

17.11.2003 - We added some photos from slovak mountains.

18.09.2003 - This year we've visited castles and chateaus in Southern Bohemia. Who is curious, photos and story finds in Our journeys.

30.08.2003 - Hello, I've added photos almost to every part. Lucka

14.08.2003 - New complete story with photos from Lucka's summer study in Constanta.

09.08.2003 - We added photos from studying in Constanta.

07.07.2003 - Lucka sent actual photos from Romania. They are in Our journeys/Constanta 2003.

05.07.2003 - I added photos from the journey Interrail 1998. Story will be in the future. Miloš

03.07.2003 - Hello. I finally added address, for Ďuri in Edmonton. I changed guestbook, because it was very slow.

29.06.2003 - Lucka with success arrived to Constanta in Romania with the aeroplane and train from the Bucharest to Constanta. After her arrival back to the home, she will write something about these three weeks.

22.06.2003 - Lots of new pictures in My art. Lucka

30.03.2003 - Added some photos from Slovakia and in Others from Prague. L.

18.02.2003 - Added two new pictures in My art. Lucka

04.02.2003 - New part, in which you can see some of my creations. Lucka

12.01.2003 - Hello, I've changed story from holidays in Spain and in Greece 98 and 99.

04.01.2003 - Added photos from holidays in London, without description. I also changed and added some photos of my friends and hockey photos. Milos

01.01.2003 - To all of you all the best in the year 2003. Today we added some news, Milos finally terminated parts Friends and Hobbies and Lucka part Others.

05.12.2002 - Well, I have finally sorted out problem with my inernet connection today, so I fixed up problem in the guestbook as well. So, you can leave messages there from today. There will be new pictures and coments here soon.

04.12.2002 - Damned, guestbook doesn't works and now I haven't ftp access, so I can't correct it :-(

15.11.2002 - According to :-((((

09.11.2002 - Lucka was hard-working today and she added her holidays in Spain and in Greece. I added photos from the trip around Slovakia. Text will be sometime in the future.

06.11.2002 - Today I´ve finished Italy.

01.11.2002 - Finally is done the travel around Romania. We added pictures of the castle Hunedoara and the end of the text. Lucka has a new photo from her birthday party in Friends.

19.10.2002 - Lucka has finished Thassos, so you can read it this evening.

18.10.2002 - Thanks to all who visited our site and what's new: we added text describing our trip on Kalymnos isle and some photos from Thassos

12.10.2002 - Added legend to photos from Romania, from Lucka´s diary.

10.10.2002 - Added new photos from our holidays on the isle Kalymnos

06.10.2002 - Today I finished Guestbook in Different. You can write us messages!

05.10.2002 - Welcome to our website. We have a lot to do to be as we wish. From our journeys we added only photos from our last trip to Romania, soon will be also the legend and legends and photos from another journeys. For now, hello to all familiars and strangers, and we promise, that as soon as possible we add something more.


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